Lindsay Watson

Visual Artist

Billes all You Can Billes, oil on metal, 8/10, $200
       1     2      

In The Garden, oil on wood, 30/40 inches, $1400
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Gothic I, 12/12 inches, oil on wood, $250
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Apple, oil on canvas, 4/4 inches, $55
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  Lindsay Watson is a contemporary oil painter, based in Ottawa, who finds inspiration in the world around her. Starting with photographs, (all her own), of the small, strange, or strangely beautiful moments of her life, such as toys strewn on the floor, kitchen scenes, or landscapes, Watson upcycles this imagery into contemporary oil paintings that range from nearly abstract to photorealistic. Using brushes, palette knives, squeegees, spatulas, or whatever else she can find in her kitchen, this artist take a fresh approach to a classical art form. 

Influenced by genre painters, such as Vermeer and Mary Pratt, Watson believes that all emotions can be expressed through simple imagery. As such, she combines light, colour, and paint application with everyday scenes, to make works that are at times playful, tender, or brooding.

Watson is a BFA graduate of the University of Ottawa who has shown in several venues, including Cube Gallery, The New Art Festival, the West End Studio Tour, the OSA Gallery, The Toronto Art Expo, the Ottawa Art Gallery’s Art Rental and Sales, and The Agnes Etherington Art Rental and Sales in Kingston. Lindsay Watson also shares her love of art through teaching adults and children at the Ottawa School of Art, Plant Recreation Centre, and The Manor Park Community Centre.