Lindsay Watson

Visual Artist

Large Works Urban Storm, Oil on canvas, 18/36 inches $940
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12/12 Paintings, Gothic I Oil on wood, $300
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Small and Sweet Paintings Bunny, Oil 4/4 inches $65
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 Lindsay Watson is a contemporary artist, based in Ottawa, who merges photographs of the small and large moments in her life with the lush expressiveness of oil paint to create artworks that range in tone and scope from humorous to quiet, tender to fairytale-esque.  Watson approaches painting with the eye of a documentary photographer, exploring themes such as her recent foray into motherhood, landscape, travel, and the visual fragments of her rural past and urban present.  

Particularly fascinating to this artist, is the way that photographs, (all her own, and either transferred directly onto the painting surface, or used as a visual reference), create a sense of shifting viewpoints when combined with expressive painting.  Watson's painting style is an eclectic mix of abstraction and photo-realism, employing both brush and palette knife. This results in a unique blend of landscape and mindscape.

Watson is a BFA graduate of the University of Ottawa who has shown in several venues, including Cube Gallery, The New Art Festival, the West End Studio Tour, the OSA Gallery, The Toronto Art Expo, the Ottawa Art Gallery’s Art Rental and Sales, and The Agnes Etherington Art Rental and Sales in Kingston.  Lindsay Watson also shares her love of art through teaching adults and children at the Ottawa School of Art and Plant Recreation Centre.